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Canada's trade considerations are there?

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Certain categories of textile and clothing import quotas by Canada.

Canada's exports to the product if used wooden dunnage, wooden pallets, crates, or other wood packaging material must undergo special treatment, along with fumigation certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country, phytosanitary certificate or other treatments proved.

Useful website:
Canada Customs:
Canadian International Trade Import and Export Authority: www.dfait-maeci.gcca / menu-easp
Canadian Standards Agency Product:

In addition, the following items practice note:

(1) Canada documents, in addition to ordinary bill of lading, commercial invoice and packing list, also involves FORM A and CUSTOMS INVOICE. CUSTOMS INOVICE should set out all of the products, even samples of no commercial value, but also need to be listed.

(2) Enter the Canadian equipment, electronics, electrical products need CUL, CSA, or ETL certification, CUL and CSA most common. CUL is derived from the United States UL, CUL can apply together when applying for UL certification, and cost savings. In Canada, the standard product is not developed by independent bodies. The federal government, the provinces / territories, as well as some non-governmental organizations in the development and implementation of product standards have played a role. For us, who funded censorship is a problem, export production enterprises have a certain amount of assurance before they agree to pay, while foreign companies will have to pay the inspection fee exclusive agent and distributor as a precondition. The use of manual, generally require both French and English text.

(3) BC province (British Columbia) Canada is an important area of logs exported to China, Putian, Fujian Province of BC is the only port of entry and fumigation of logs processed. China is also actively imported Canadian logs for the needs of related products, while North American customers in North America itself timber harbor some affection, some customers will specify requirements for North American timber.

(4) Canada is located in the frigid, winter is long, and therefore greater demand for winter clothing, winter clothing, ski suits and snow sports-related equipment and have very good sales. In summer, outdoor sports and very popular, so outdoor is also a great demand in Canada