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China Talento how to deal with the issue of payment in trade friction

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Local payments are generally confirming L / C Forward 60-90D. And D / P, D / A mixed use, depending on the product and market competition have different payment methods.

Most of the local customers use less L / C at sight, usually in a small amount of porcelain, the use of L / C sight when light industrial products import; since stocking month period plus one month timetable, and about seven days clearance time, customer funds to be occupied for nearly three months.

European companies to trade in this region are generally acceptances by Morgan Stanley Bank, D / P, D / A payment, Mount reason is because many customers prefer to buy China's payment products in Europe and Hong Kong companies.

Things about confirming bank, Morocco belongs bank credit better Africa, the country's banking supervision is very strict. Never had a bank bankruptcy.

Currently out of Morocco's long-term L / C, is generally Bank of China or Bank of America branch confirmation, no acceptance of risk.

Issue of interest, generally when calculating the cost plus to go, in fact, in specific operations, interest on the cost of little effect.

Because of the high cost of issuing Morocco, about 1.8% of the invoice amount is about, and complicated procedures required for a longer time; For the amount of large, stable orders for some products and strong customer cooperation after more than one year, you can start D / P payment; present our tea, bike business is basically a D / P, D / A way to deal with domestic companies, carefully selected by our customers, at least not on the pay issue.

However, since most companies are small and medium enterprises in Morocco, we have been very careful to deal with this issue, as much as possible to do both to ensure the safety of foreign exchange, but also pay attention to the flexibility of trade patterns; also ask you to give confidence and support and handling of export credit insurance in Morocco where possible, in order to expand exports to the region.