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Economic and trade relations between China and Morocco

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Morocco established diplomatic relations in 1958 and signed the first inter-governmental "trade agreement." From 1961 to 1975, bilateral trade is billing payments. March 1975, the two governments signed a protocol of three years and long-term "trade agreement" regarding the accounting trade to cash payments.

The two governments signed in 1975 provides for the establishment of trade agreements and trade cooperation joint committee, after the expansion of economic, trade and technical cooperation joint committee, has held four meetings. March 1995 Fourth Joint Committee was held in Rabat, Minister Wu Yi led a delegation to attend the meeting. During the meeting, the two sides signed the "Investment Protection Agreement" and the new "economic and trade agreements."

First, the trade:

Four years ago, bilateral trade relations to continuously consolidate and develop. In recent years, the rapid development of bilateral trade, trade has significantly increased, the main problem is the trade imbalance, I surplus bigger. 1998, bilateral trade amounted to $ 25,160 million, of which I export 16,554 million and imports of $ 8,606 million, an increase of 55%, 39%, 99%. 1999, bilateral trade amounted to 30,930 million, of which I export 25,381 million and imports of $ 5,549 million, an increase of 23%, 53% - 35%. January to June 2000, bilateral trade amounted to $ 16,618 million, and I export 14,248 million and imports $ 23.7 million, an increase of 21%, 24%, 8%.

My products are mainly exported to Morocco have mechanical and electrical products, garments, tea, textiles and so on. I imported from Morocco products mainly phosphate and cobalt ore, in recent years, I imported from Morocco electromechanical products increased rapidly.

Two, mutually beneficial cooperation:

In Mount contracting services business began in 1983. I have had the middle peasants, coal, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Henan, in Liaoning, in a, in aquaculture and Shanxi and other international companies to enter the Mount contracting labor market, existing water ocean, Shanghai Fisheries, Shandong aquaculture, Dalian Fisheries, Nantong Fishery Liaoning fisheries, China sets and other companies doing business in Morocco. As of the end of 1999, I signed a contract in Mount total labor projects (mainly for fisheries cooperation) contract 99, total contract value 1.8425 billion, turnover 1.7109 billion. Of which 19 contracts, the contract amount of 1.2325 billion, turnover 1.1388 billion; 76 labor contracts, the contract amount of $ 60,950,000, $ 57,130,000 turnover; design consulting contract 4, the contract amount of $ 50,000 to complete the turnover of $ 80,000. Morocco currently no projects under construction.

By the end of 1999, I contracted a total of 734 service personnel in Mount people, concentrated in the area of ??fisheries cooperation.