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How Talento offer?

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1, in order to reduce the correspondence between, hope to provide a complete offer as much as possible at the outset, that contains the following elements:

A complete description of the product - Chinese and English;
Details of the packaging, outer carton size, 20 '/ 40'FCL installed capacity;
Related technical information and standards;
Quality assurance measures and quality certificates can offer, or inspection of single;
Minimum order quantity and increasing the proportion of order quantity discounts;
Such as through e-mail or EMS delivery packaging and outer carton photo, will be beneficial to the customer as soon as practicable;
Do you think the sales should pay attention to other details of the matter.

2, catalogs, price lists, brochures

Currently the majority of our products are based on management's way of commission agents to cooperate with your company, for a product, to ensure the stability of the market, we generally will recommend your products to a number of local customers, but will provide Spanish cooperation, Algeria, Tunisia and other countries cooperate recommended your product, which requires at least five copies each time you mail Catalogues, if there is a corresponding complete with Catalogue CNF C5 Casablanca and FOB C5 price list will be extremely rooms earth to help decide the order as soon as possible, because the local purchasing power of reason, many customers is the price to determine the style;

If your company brochure can be mailed to us, will help us to better promote your company's image to customers. .

3, the sample

Samples is crucial in local sales, local customer all hope before confirming the order, to see, to touch the objects, many customers (importers) will also need to sample before ordering to wholesalers exchanges in order confirm the order details and made ??ready for sale before.

A sufficient number of samples is also very important, since some products need to test a variety of different customers, they need the same number of samples; For agricultural products, such as tea, beans, lentils, spices, etc., each with at least 800GRS samples. So that we distributed to several customers in the region.

Please believe: In your mailing samples, the samples will have a huge investment returns.

4, the customer response to the offer

Low efficiency of local customers, the majority of the general offer can not reply in the day, sometimes you have enough patience;

Each year, 11 days local public holidays and religious holidays and the summer holidays between 15 / 07-05 / 09, many companies turn a holiday; while the month of Ramadan every year. Summer holidays and low efficiency of Ramadan.