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Mount trade on general cooperation program

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We negotiated with the customer after all transaction details, Shanzhi a P / I of the draft to your company confirmation; after confirmation of your company, we will provide a formal P / I give customers the issuing or confirming the contract, while FAX a copy to your Division.

Sometimes when the customer declaration, for various reasons, we need to modify some temporary Shanzhi or documents, in order to avoid delays and cost savings DHL, hope that your company can be mailed at least 50 blank stamped letterhead paper to spare.

Clearance documents

Generally, we will persuade customers to L / C terms as simple as possible, most of the products currently clearance documents required are:
B / L;
INVOICE need to specify the FOB value;
Packing list, to be set out in detail all the details as much as possible, often because a single box no details of the contents in customs delays;
Certificate of origin;
Produce the necessary phytosanitary certificate, acceptable CCIB and Agriculture certificate.

Quality control problems

When looking for the same merchandise, customers can receive a number of quotes, and the real long-term cooperation with our customers, both in the quality control up and down the great efforts of the company. Morocco is an open market, for the quality of the product is very picky, which requires us to strive to put good quality; For some products, we will ask you to provide quality certificates and inspection reports in tabular format, sometimes we should customers requirements, from the Division I, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu office or sent to do testing before shipment.

FOB electricity

Because Moroccan law, imported goods must be in the local insurance insurance companies, they need you to issue as soon as possible after the departure electricity shipment, specify:

NO contract customer name.;
A complete description of the goods, the total value;
. B / L NO name, shipping number;
Departure date, expected arrival date;
Containers NO, because sometimes larger shipments, hope specify the details of the goods in each container, so that customers smooth clearance.;
Issued FOB electricity also need a copy of FAX INVOICE & B / L, in order to check whether the customer in advance of the need to modify place.