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Talento import of what?

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Can be freely imported products: In addition to following more than ten kinds need a special permit, other products can be freely imported: grain, sugar, oil, explosives, tires, junk, ozone-depleting substances and the use of such substances equipment.

Import licenses: License issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Within 30 days of submitting the application, the Minister will give a positive or negative response.

Requires prior declaration of imported products: If the imported products would pose a serious threat to the country, before the import declaration (DPI) should be used as a temporary measure.

You can apply for tariff-free products: According to Morocco signed agreements with other countries, and some products can be freely imported duty-free.

Imported goods quality management.
Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine.
Drug import management.
Customs declaration: the declaration for a period of 60 days.

According to the management of the origin of goods. National standards: first class, fully produced by a country; second category of goods imported from a country, but the manufacture of products used in another country.

If a country Morocco signed preferential agreements, the applicable rules of origin agreement. Trading habits: take low reporting of value, the difference in cash.

Note: Moroccan import tariffs are generally higher, more stringent foreign exchange management. Large foreign exchange risks D / P mode exists in the country in the export business. Morocco customers and banks colluded give a single delivery, delay in payment, domestic banks or export enterprises should require repeated urging by me at the event before payment.