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Talento establishes the stable cooperation with nearly hundreds of Chinese export manufactures[ 08-21 14:47 ]
Talento establishes the stable cooperation with nearly hundreds of Chinese export manufactures
China Talento how to deal with the issue of payment in trade friction[ 08-21 14:45 ]
Local payments are generally confirming L / C Forward 60-90D. And D / P, D / A mixed use, depending on the product and market competition have different payment methods.
Mount trade on general cooperation program[ 08-21 09:45 ]
We negotiated with the customer after all transaction details, Shanzhi a P / I of the draft to your company confirmation; after confirmation of your company, we will provide a formal P / I give customers the issuing or confirming the contract, while FAX a copy to your Division.
It should be noted on the Mount trade order confirmation and invoice forms[ 08-21 09:44 ]
Local import trade, in the form of a contract to play the role of an invoice; under normal circumstances, in addition to the basic elements outside of Mount proforma invoice also need to mention the following points:
Canada's trade considerations are there?[ 08-21 09:40 ]
Canada's exports to the product if used wooden dunnage, wooden pallets, crates, or other wood packaging material must undergo special treatment, along with fumigation certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country, phytosanitary certificate or other treatments proved.
How Talento offer?[ 08-20 21:12 ]
in order to reduce the correspondence between, hope to provide a complete offer as much as possible at the outset, that contains the following elements:
How Talento inquiry?[ 08-20 21:09 ]
May at some time, because we are not familiar with the product, do not understand, and cause inquiry is unclear, hope give us enough patience, we are very willing to share your knowledge and experience in this field;
Talento import of what?[ 08-20 21:07 ]
Can be freely imported products: In addition to following more than ten kinds need a special permit, other products can be freely imported: grain, sugar, oil, explosives, tires, junk, ozone-depleting substances and the use of such substances equipment.
Economic and trade relations between China and Morocco[ 08-20 21:04 ]
Morocco established diplomatic relations in 1958 and signed the first inter-governmental "trade agreement." From 1961 to 1975, bilateral trade is billing payments.
How to apply for a Chinese business visa in the Kingdom of Morocco[ 08-20 21:00 ]
The file should include:2 Identity card size photographs;A visa application form to be filled in French on the spot;An invitation by a company or Gaungdong exhibition to China;
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