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Add:Unit 3308/3309, Winning international, No.100, Min Xin Road, Hangzhou 310020, P.R.CHINA

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What are the advantages I would benefit from if I have a deal with you?[ 08-20 20:57 ]
To buy at a lower price including ex works prices;Quality guaranteed Quickness in answering your request and delivery;To have access to direct information;To benefit from well organised department with qualified staff that speak your language.
How could you keep commercial secret(s) ?[ 08-20 20:56 ]
To avoid any information leaking we set up a system at our office, Casablanca, Morocco and in the factory. To respect our customers' confidence since it is part of our standing in Morocco, our staff has been subject to strict selection backed by efficiency and trust.
How is your working method? Are you a Chinese business centre?[ 08-20 20:55 ]
China Talento Maroc is not a 100% business centre but rather a market prospecting and research one save for reliable sectors.
What is the business nature of CHINA TALENTO? What is its main activity?[ 08-20 20:53 ]
Many leading manufacturers have set up CHINA TALENTO further to the new policy adopted by Chinese government to liberalise exportation of Chinese products.
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