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has developed its own services based on 2 objectives:
We would like our clients to be informed to place orders according to well prepared and transparent process and method;
Our factories/firms try to look for reliable customers to get involved in business with the aim of jointly developing a target market.Our customers’ success is ours.

Market development Service :

To promote image of Chinese products;
To represent our manufacturers-exporters products in French speaking countries;
Exploitation of commercial opportunities and enter into strategic alliances with well known firms;
To follow our products import operation from A to Z; to sort out any problem that should arise after sale.

Information Service :
To look for products sources depending on market demand;
To provide interested importers with commercial documents on Chinese products;
To follow Chinese market development and help importers select the best purchase source..

Quality Control Service:
If already engaged in importing Chinese goods, you will surely be in need of a professional team qualified for quality control to be sure that you receive the exact products you have ordered. CHINA TALENTO®/TaSur® can forward one or many 'Quality' expert controllers to your supplier anywhere in China in less than 48h. Our expert controllers will inspect your products or spare parts subject to your well-defined quality criteria to guarantee a minimum of discard during goods delivery at port of destination.

Design promotion Service:
We try our best to help the factory develop corporate image, to launch new products with our partner(s) and to offer brand design and package service marked by quickness and professionalism.