Corporate Culture

The goals of CHINA TALENTO: turn the smallest dream of employees into the greatest energy, and turn the smallest needs of customers into the greatest business opportunities.

We aim to maintain an annual growth rate of 15% for the next 3-5 years while also continuing to discover and train green tea professionals. Our goals also include continuing the innovation of China’s green tea processing and packaging technology, maintaining the company’s competitiveness, and further improving our capabilities for sustainable development. We hope to build an efficient and unique tea export team that can provide better services for tea processing companies and tea buyers from all over the world.

CHINA TALENTO’s motto is: “Let every tea plant have real value!”

CHINA TALENTO’s most fundamental goal is to help China’s 30 million tea farmers and tens of thousands of tea production companies sell tea to the rest of the world, all while maintaining reasonable prices through an in-depth understanding of the tea consumer market. In particular, we hope to fully discover the true value of China’s tea resources, provide tea consumers with high quality and affordable tea, and promote the sustainable development of the tea industry with advanced business concepts.

At the same time, each employee at CHINA TALENTO is dedicated to continuous learning and progress, working towards improving skillsets and survivability, maximizing personal potential, and achieving personal and family goals through the development of the company.

Main Products

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