Service Introduction

CHINATALENTO provides corresponding services based on the following two goals:

We strive to ensure that you receive all the information you look for through our procedures and clearly established methods to facilitate the transaction.

We look forward to directing you towards customers with good credit in order to ensure ideal sales performance.

Your success is our success.

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Marketing Services

  • Establish a brand image for Chinese products;
  • Promote in the French-speaking world the products of companies and exporters we cooperate with;
  • Explore business opportunities and promote strategic alliances between companies;
  • Keep track of the import and export processes of our products from start to finish;
  • Offer service for various after-sales issues.

Consulting service:

  • Promote your products and find customers based on the products;
  • Provide exporters with relevant information on the Chinese products of interest in the French-speaking market;
  • Pay close attention to the changes in Chinese products in the international market, so as to help exporters choose the best customers and sales regions.

Brand image service

  • According to the specific needs of customers, plan to work with our partners to introduce the latest brand of the company to consumers;
  • Provide fast and professional packaging concept and design services.

Industry Information Service

  • Express product information, procurement services and business information

Why choose us?

Our advantage


  • Selecting rigidly serious factories and optimizing supply chain all over China
  • Guiding and auditing factories’ raw materials purchase, production and transportation
  • Mastering quality & price fluctuations

Packaging Development & Marketing

  • Designing packages according to client’s idea
  • Providing professional packages
  • Proposing value-adding marketing ideas and providing advertising support


  • Analysis of market & its trends
  • Diagnostic of client’s products
  • Development of new products
  • Conception of individual tea concepts

Quality and Safety

  • Strictly selecting factories according to business ethics, condition of finance and production
  • Systematic monitoring and deep guidance to factories from raw material to loading of finished products
  • Routine and surprise inspections combined
  • Traceability system for the quality control